About us

Company Background

Kong Fung Century Limited. has become a foreign currency exchanger and remittance agent approved by the Hong Kong Customs and Excise Department (MSO license) since 2018. We provide financial services for currency exchange and international remittance business in Canada, Australia, the United States, Singapore and other countries and regions. We also have a strong team, rich experience and strong financial support.

Service purpose

We solemnly promise that we will adhere to the purpose of "safety, security, integrity and speed" and prevailing business ethics on the premise of strictly abiding by Hong Kong's "Guideline on Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Financing of Terrorism" and all relevant laws, regulations and guidelines. , providing customers with high-quality and reliable exchange and remittance services.

Anti-Money Laundering Statement

Hong Kong has long held the status of an international financial center. The company is based in Hong Kong to provide world-recognized and regulated financial services and activities. In Hong Kong, a business environment that advocates a free economy and universal finance, the company is committed to safeguarding the rights and interests under the framework of Hong Kong common law. In addition to the commercial interests of our customers, we will also firmly assume the legal and social responsibilities of anti-money laundering and fraud prevention. Our company has established a comprehensive and standardized risk assessment process and tools to ensure that appropriate due diligence and continuous monitoring measures are performed for customers with different risk levels, and that customer and transaction information is reasonably collected and properly stored in accordance with the law.


Our services

- Exchange Service

- Remittance Services

Kong Fung Century Limited. provides exchange services for global mainstream currencies. Our goal is to provide customers with the most reliable, fast and secure exchange and remittance services at the best prices. Our staff will closely monitor each transfer arrangement to ensure that funds are transferred to the recipient's account on time.