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An exchange shop that provides honest and convenient financial services

Since the beginning of 2018, Kong Fung Century Limited. has been a foreign currency exchanger and remittance agent approved by the Hong Kong Customs and Excise Department (i.e. MSO license). It is especially renowned in the industry for offshore RMB exchange and provides services for people with different currency needs. Provide safe and reliable services to customers and organizations. In terms of remittance arrangements, we cover currency exchange and international remittance services in major economies or financial centers around the world, including the United States, Canada, Australia, Singapore, and many countries and regions in the European Union. In terms of operations, we can conduct real-time cross-jurisdictional operations Our multi-currency exchange and transfer enables convenient and reliable exchange arrangements, thanks to our advanced computer system, professional operations team, complete compliance system, and strong capital reserves. During the global COVID-19 epidemic in the past three years, we have faced difficulties and weathered the cold winter of the job exchange industry. A group of high-quality customers have continued to use and recommend our services, which has prompted us to actively respond to adversity and turn difficulties into opportunities, which has enabled us to In just a few years, it has become a famous brand in offshore RMB exchange arrangements, attracting local and overseas peers who are willing to refer business or call them strategic partners.

Clear service concept, recommended choice for exchange shops

Our business is mainly to compare offshore RMB exchange rates in various places in real time, and use our comparative advantages to exchange Hong Kong dollars and various mainstream foreign currencies for our customers, as well as related remittance arrangements. During the extraordinary period of the past few years, our company has been working tirelessly to actively face the economic challenges brought about by customs closures and stagflation, continue to invest resources in strengthening compliance systems and employee training, and strive to improve customer relationships and experience. As a result, we have won many honors With the confidence and favor of customers, as well as the support and praise from the banking industry, it can successfully pass the strict license renewal review of regulatory agencies every two years. In fact, we welcome the Hong Kong Customs and Excise Department to strengthen the supervision and enforcement of the currency exchange industry in recent years, eliminate the bad and retain the good, improve the overall industry quality, and enhance customer confidence. We have always complied with the "Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorist Financing Ordinance" and other relevant laws to "Safety, security, integrity, and speed" are our philosophy and purpose in operating this money exchange shop. We adhere to business ethics and provide customers with high-quality, reliable exchange and remittance services.

Protect customers' interests and reject illegal activities

As one of the most recommended money exchange shops, Kong Fung Century Limited. acts in accordance with the law in its money exchange and remittance business to ensure the safety of customers' funds. Hong Kong's status as an international financial center is very high. The money exchange and other financial services and activities provided by this money exchange shop in Hong Kong are recognized and regulated by the world. Hong Kong has always advocated a free economy and universal finance. In such a superior and safe business environment, this exchange shop operates under the framework of Hong Kong common law and is committed to safeguarding the interests and privacy of customers. At the same time, it will also unswervingly assume its responsibilities. Anti-money laundering and anti-fraud legal and social responsibilities properly balance the needs of customer groups and regulatory agencies, and establish a positive and compliant image on a customer-oriented basis. This exchange shop has established a comprehensive and standardized risk assessment process and tools to serve customers of all risk levels, implement the most appropriate due diligence and continuous monitoring measures, and will also collect and store properly in accordance with the law. Customer and related transaction information is a kind of protection for the customers themselves, and it also helps Hong Kong's financial and economic activities maintain healthy development, so that the money exchange shop, as a part of Hong Kong's financial system, can strive for the best interests of customers in a compliant and safe manner.

Kong Fung Century Limited.’s service is the best choice

As a recommended choice for money exchange shops, Kong Fung Century Limited.’s services mainly include the following two items: - Cash change - Remittance arrangements Kong Fung Century Limited. provides remittance and exchange services in mainstream currencies around the world. The main goal of our currency exchange shop in Hong Kong is to provide customers with the most reliable, fast and secure exchange and remittance services at the best prices. In addition to instant cash exchange at the counter, our money change shop's staff will closely monitor every remittance arrangement to ensure that the required currency is transferred to the account of the customer's designated payee on time, so as to avoid customers' worries about delays or incorrect arrival of funds. .
Solemn Statement

Recently, it has been discovered that scammers have faked our company's name and stolen our store photos on our page, intending to use phone numbers and bank accounts that are not our company's to defraud customers who are eager to exchange currency. Seeing the cunning tricks of scammers, we would like to remind customers that this website is the only official website of our company, and the others are all fake ones from our company. Our company welcomes all local and non-local real customers to patronize our exchange services, but for For the safety of customers' funds and to fulfill relevant legal responsibilities, we strongly recommend that customers first visit our company's only licensed street shop to verify their identities and go through the account opening procedures. After that, they can safely communicate quickly through the dedicated mobile phone number provided by our company. and operational arrangements.

Our Service

- Redemption Services
- Remittance Services

Kong Fung Century Limited. provides exchange services for global mainstream currencies. Our goal is to provide customers with the most reliable, fast and secure exchange and remittance services at the best prices. Our staff will closely monitor each transfer arrangement to ensure that funds are transferred to the recipient's account on time.

Prospective customers who are interested in using the remittance services provided or arranged by our company, please visit our company's stores in person to go through the account opening procedures and identity verification procedures, so that our company can provide compliant, safe, reliable and fast remittance services to our valued customers. .